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Dental implants offer a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth. At Cute Dental Care, PC in Jamaica, Queens, Muslima Khandakar, DMD, and Mohammad Rahman, DDS, offer permanent dental implant restorations. Take one step closer to a healthy and happy smile. Book an appointment or call the New York City office today.

Why replace missing teeth?

Each of your teeth is anchored directly to the underlying bone tissue. When you chew or bite down, that bone tissue is stimulated.

Frequent stimulation keeps your jaw bone healthy and strong. But when you lose one or more teeth, the bone that lies beneath doesn’t receive stimulation.

The result can be a gradual wearing-away of bone tissue – a process called resorption. Once you lose bone in your jaw, the stability of the surrounding teeth can weaken, causing a cascade of negative effects.

Missing teeth also change the dynamics of your bite. This can place undue pressure on your remaining teeth. Also, the arch of your upper and lower bite can become destabilized when one or more teeth are missing, which can allow surrounding teeth to shift out of position.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. These implants are positioned directly into your jaw bone and act as a prosthetic root to secure an artificial crown or other dental prosthetic into place above your gum line.

Once the healing process is complete and your implant has fused with your bone, dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth.

When you bite down, the underlying bone gets the stimulation needed to thrive, and implants require no special care aside from your normal dental hygiene routines.

What is it like to get dental implants?

Once you and your dentist decide that an implant is right for you, you come in for an initial visit. Your dentist collects images to provide a deeper understanding of your teeth and bone structure and to plan the implant process.

Your dentist numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic, which allows you to rest comfortably from start to finish. They then open your gum tissue to gain access to the underlying bone and create a pilot hole to guide the insertion of the post.

Your gums close over the metal post, and once the implant material has fused with your bone tissue, you return to have the abutment portion of the implant placed, which serves to connect the post and the crown or other prosthetic.

After you heal, you return to have your custom crown fitted. This completes the implant procedure, although your gum tissue still needs to adhere to the surface of your crown in the following weeks.

Cute Dental Care, PC, offers the very latest in dental implant technology. If you have questions or concerns about dental implants, book an appointment or call the office today.