Bone Grafts

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Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, but if you’ve also lost a significant amount of bone tissue, you might need bone grafts before moving forward with implants. Muslima Khandakar, DMD, and Mohammad Rahman, DDS, of Cute Dental Care, PC, offer outstanding bone graft services to residents of Jamaica, Queens, in New York City. Book an appointment online or by phone to learn more about what bone grafting can do for you.

Why would I need a bone graft?

Your teeth are anchored directly into your jawbone. Every time you bite down, you stimulate that bone tissue, which helps to keep it healthy and strong. When you lose a tooth, the underlying bone tissue is no longer stimulated.

Over time, that bone tissue wears away in a process called resorption. Bone loss can weaken the connection with surrounding teeth, eventually leading to additional tooth loss.

A bone graft builds up the bone tissue in your jaw. For many men and women, bone grafting is the only way to build up the foundational support needed to place dental implants.

Bone grafting is sometimes performed at the same time as a tooth extraction to ensure there is enough bone to support an implant at a later date.

If bone loss from advanced gum disease has caused one or more healthy teeth to loosen, grafting can provide the structural support needed to save those teeth.

What kinds of bone grafts are possible?

You have options when it comes to your bone grafting procedure.


This approach uses a portion of your own bone tissue from another part of your body. The chin is a common donor site.


This option uses bone tissue from a donor cadaver. The tissue is processed and goes through advanced quality control measures before being used for grafting.


These bone grafts use bone tissue from animal sources, most commonly cows. This option, along with allografts, does not require a second surgical procedure to harvest bone tissue.

Everyone has a unique set of needs when it comes to bone grafting. Your dentist will discuss various bone grafting options during your consultation.

What is the process for getting bone grafts?

Bone grafting is performed under local anesthesia, so you’ll remain comfortable from start to finish. Your practitioner begins by opening your gums to determine how much bone tissue is needed at the transplant site.

If the bone graft is coming from your chin, an incision is made in the gum tissue beneath your lower front teeth to gain access to the underlying bone. The appropriate amount of tissue is removed before the site is closed with stitches.

The bone tissue is then placed in its new location along with special grafting material. Your gum tissue is sutured closed. You’ll receive full post-procedure instructions before heading home.

If you have questions or concerns about bone grafts, book an appointment online at Cute Dental Care, PC today, or over the phone.